Auditory Training

For Teens and Adults with Cochlear Implant

For Adults or teenagers with Cochlear Implant  that want to maximise their hearing potential:


  1. The first consultation is by phone, email or Skype and is free of charge. Gaining some information about you, we will then discuss your goals and the next steps in what we can achieve.

  2. We will decide together goals and session timetables.

  3. Before the session you will receive the program and goals of the session with materials needed

  4. During the session I will guide you through the exercises I have prepared to make you gain new skills. Families are encouraged to attend therapy sessions

  5. After the session we will write down a few notes about strategies and goals to carry over. I will send these by email, together with a list of any materials you will need.

Through this training people with Cochlear Implants can:


  • improve their hearing and listening skills 

  • maximise their listening potential through their technology

  • improve their listening skills at distance

  • improve listening techniques in noisy environments

  • find strategies to improve their communication skills in adverse environments

  • get to know all the existing technology to improve listening 

  • in the case of acquiring new technology: maximise new acquired hearing potential

  • in the case of second cochlear implant: improve listening skills on the second implant.


mobile: +447476359916 


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