Speech and language therapy online

For the families or patients that want a speech and language service directly at their home, or people around the world that need a bilingual speech and language therapist :

1. The first consultation is by phone, email or Skype and is free of charge. Gaining some information about you/your child, we will then discuss your goals and the next steps in what we can achieve.

2. Before each session we will set goals and agree which toys are needed. Sometimes you need to print material, and prepare some tools such as pencils, papers and glue. 

3. During the session I will coach and guide you how to use strategies to achieve the goals we agreed on. Participating in the session will help you to implement the same strategies in everyday life. Young  children don't need to focus or interact with me on the screen.

4. After the session we will write down the Take home messages. These are a few key points you will  carry over into your everyday life.

5. Sessions take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly. (to be decided with the family)

6. I will write a six month goals program, so everyone knows what we are aiming for.

7. Thanks to Skype and Zoom it is easy to liaise with the school or other professionals, setting online meetings and sharing emails. (both in English and Italian)

Teletherapy is a service delivery model for speech and language therapy. 



  • Convenience of therapy coming to you in your home

  • Lower cost of travel

  • Easier scheduling

  • Access to top quality Speech & Language Therapists wherever you live

  • Easy to liaise with schools and other professionals around the world or organise meetings


mobile: +447476359916 


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